"The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something.
-Carl Sandburg

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott

"My life tomorrow will be the result of my attitudes and the choices I make today."

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to account for my weight loss goals and success, and to maybe inspire and help others who feel like they are alone and have struggled with their weight as I have. Let me tell you this right now YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have struggled the weight gain/ weight loss roller coaster most of my life. When I was a kid I was tall and skinny until puberty hit and it seemed within one summer I ballooned out.  Now I had my height to help me (hide) the reality of my weight being that I am taller than the average woman, but the scale did not.... I didn’t make this blog to humiliate myself but to be honest with myself and others so like I said before NO BULLSHIT!!!! 

My high school days I was semi active but still heavy, went to school every day, housework, taking care of my little brother and then at 17 I got my first job which had a fast paced environment standing on my feet all day, and worked more hours then I probably was suppose to but hey all teenagers love making more money. I was doing all this and added taking college classes my junior and senior year... but wasn’t able to lose weight...it wasn't like I was sitting on the couch all day long but then I realized the damage was already done from the younger years of sitting indoors and eating bags of chips, pizza and all the other yummy junk food that’s out there.  Although I wasn’t categorized as overweight yet it was slowly adding to my weight gain... When I got out of  high school and into college, got a different job that was totally opposite then the first fast paced job it just added to my weight gain sitting all day at a computer does not do anyone justice when it comes to weight loss!!!!! Then I started making mistakes....... 

I started hanging with the wrong people, and doing things I shouldn’t of  been doing but everyone when they are young and are able to party they do….when I first started doing this I was  close to the 270 lbs but all the binge drinking and not eating and running around from different (friends) houses made me actually lose weight... I lost close to 100lb  and I was happy, but then I grew up...... I realized that I hurt the people that were closest to me, the so called friends I was hanging out with weren’t my friends at all but only used me cause I had money... yes as hard as it was for Me to realize... it did me good.  I met my sons father stopped the drinking and partying... and I realized if I would have kept going down the road I was on I probably would not be around much longer....It helped  me realize that I needed to grow up although it also made me gain back the weight it had shown me that losing the 100lbs was the wrong way and as much as I hated seeing the weight come back I knew that to be healthier I had to lose the weight a healthy way. 

When I found out I was pregnant ...still overweight at 300lbs but I went healthy by eating veggies, and stayed away from sodas...but as any pregnant woman knows when you have cravings it is almost impossible to resist so yes I ate ice cream or subs or pizza...and unfortunately with a growing baby inside me I was bound to gain weight which lead to the highest weight I have ever been and will never return to.... It’s funny...as a teenager I always said I would never be over 300lbs or Id die...so whenever I got close on the scale I would not eat....and here I am pregnant about to pop and I'm at a heart breaking 390 lbs I gained 70bs just being pregnant. Now they say the first step to anything is to admit it to yourself ...well hear it is I admit that during my pregnancy I didn’t have to work so I didn’t, my day consisted of cleaning, doctor appointments, maybe doing a little walking but mostly sitting on the couch watching all those baby story shows or I didn’t know I was pregnant so that had a lot to do with my weight gain. After I had my son Dec of 09 I had lost most of the baby weight and was still over 300lbs but nowhere close to have the 400lb marked....and I was happy.... 
 That until my emotions got the better of me......

The father of my child broke my heart... Yes we were having troubles as any couples do but some things are unforgivable.  I decided my Son and I deserved more and I wanted more for us. I was heartbroken,  scared and worried about what life would be like being a single parent,    Which leads to more weight gain, I was so upset and in a funk I soothed my emotions with food, and ended up gaining weight back until I was 370lb. 

That's when I decided something had to change, I had to Change.  So After the holiday I started watching portions, and not drinking so much soda needless to say I saw some results but not as much as I wanted to, from Nov to Jan I only lost 5lbs...Not cool.  I wanted to see more results then 5lbs every couple months so I decided to put my whole heart into losing weight...to look at myself as if I don’t lose this weight I won’t be around much longer and be there for my son.. So January I cancelled Sodas completely from my diet, I started drinking more water...Exercising 4 days a week for an hour a day doing cardio and strength training. I started counting calories and watching portion control only in taking at most 1200 calories daily which I’m usually under. I use this great website to track my calories and exercise and track how much I’m losing: www.everydayhealth.com it has helped so much.  If anyone needs help tracking what they’re eating and how much calories your intake and burning that is a great site to help. I was starting to take it seriously and I ended up seeing great results... In the month of January I lost 10lbs and then February another 10lbs... Which is great but I want more!!!! I CAN DO MORE!!!!! This leaves me to now... I Have started working out 5 days a week or trying to anyways, for two hours a day doing 20 min warm ups, 30 min cardio on the treadmill, then 20 min of vigorous weight loss yoga which there are some great videos on YouTube by the way.. and 20 mins or more depending on how I feel of Jillian Michaels No More Problem Spots workout video with weights .....which you WILL feel the burn!!!! IT’S GREAT!!! Also I forgot to mention that I also used the Jillian Michaels Cleanse and Burn 14 Day Program and it does wonders it makes you feel so much better and really makes you feel like you’re ready to start any weight loss program....

So I’m going to stay with this new workout program to see how much I can lose in the month of March, I will   weigh in and measure every Sunday!!!!! Hoping to see Results if not I’m not giving up I will try different things so see what will work and what doesn’t.. I am also looking into the Lap Band procedure to help me reach my weight goal. I already have alot of extra skin from all the weight gain and loss which is where some of my weight is coming from but I will deal with that later when i can lose more weight.....  I will let everyone know my findings...to maybe help someone else

I also wanted to pass on that drinking more water will actually get rid of more fat and water weight... I know it sounds reverse but it is true. I try to drink 2-3 Gallons a day to keep myself hydrated and help lose the weight!!!  

So until next time... Don’t hesitate to ask questions and post comments...if anyone knows different healthy ways to lose weight feel free to comment Thanks!!!!!



  2. Thanks girl for all your support!!! Im glad to know I have you on this journey!!!!

  3. YAY IM SO PROUD OF YOU! You are a huge insperation! =) im looking forward to reading more of your blog... keep it coming!

  4. Congratulations Deanna I'm so proud of you I'm glad your doing it for yourself and your son because we get lost in tring to please other people we loose who we are and what we want but your determination shows that you found what you want and how to do those things and I know you can do it I can't wait to see the end result....

  5. Thanks Girls!!!!! Friends like yall are hard to come by thanks for the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!